How to subtly drop hints to get THE ring of your dreams...

Tis the season for engagements! Woohoo!!  

Callie of Holcomb Weddings and I got together to create this helpful (and slightly silly) blog post for all the single ladies who may not be single for much longer as we want to help make sure they get the ring of their dreams…

Soooo, you have a feeling a proposal asking for your hand in marriage is FINALLY on the horizon.  <Queue the giddiness!!>

You have this feeling because your beau is acting a little strange lately.  He's become more budget conscious and seems a little anxious and stressed.  And while he thinks he is being totally sly, you totally know one of your rings has disappeared for a short while.  If this sounds like your situation, then chances are your beau is planning to propose and there is likely time to hint about what kind of engagement ring you want!

After polling our 2016 Grooms, Callie and I found that the majority didn't actually mind the hints!  YASSS, you heard me right.  Most guys are OK with your hints!!  All of our Grooms polled agreed that they would rather put a ring on your finger that you love and want to wear forever than take any risks at guessing. This is after all, one of the biggest purchases they are going to make, and we don't necessarily mean financially, but symbolically and emotionally.  They want to get it right.

So, now that we know we have the green light, let's give your beau some nice and subtle hints, ladies.  Below are 5, Groom-approved, easy tips towards getting the ring of your dreams.


TIP #1: Visual Hints

Let's face it.  Men are visual creatures.  Create a Pinterest board and leave it up on your computer.  He's going to want to take a peak, promise!  You might even go as far as taking your favorite ring pic and make it your screensaver on your phone or computer screen.

TIP #2:  Window Shopping

The next time you're out shopping with your beau, make sure you roll by your local jewelry store and just "take a peek" at the window displays,  point out what you like and then move on. Your beau will definitely be taking mental notes.  (FYI:  This worked for me. Whenever my now husband and I went to Costco we would conveniently walk past the jewelry section. He eventually got the hint on the color, size, and cut and when the time came he worked with our amazing Jeweler, Tara Nash, to custom order my ring and together they nailed it.)


TIP #3:  Name Dropping

Most of us get our style inspiration from our favorite celebs and with so many of them getting engaged or married and posting their ring shots on social media is super easy to drop hints to your beau by referencing your fave A-listers' ring style.  For example, "Beyonce's emerald-cut diamond is beyond gorgeous."

TIP #4:  Giving Feedback

As your friends get engaged, discuss with your beau what you like or don't like about their rings. For example, you may say, "Joe did an amazing job at picking out that ring! I just love the rose gold setting he went with." Or, you could drop hints along the lines of: "Nikki's princess-cut is so her, but I'm not crazy about it. You know me: I'd much prefer the round brilliant cut because it has more sparkle to it."

TIP #5:  Phone a Friend

 If you've been dropping hints left and right to your beau already, then it might be time to recruit the help of your BFF.  Fill her in on your likes and dislikes so she can help guide him to the right choice. Most guys still want the proposal to be a surprise, even if they've already discussed getting married. So it's best to let him do the shopping himself unless he invites you or your friend, but he'll feel a lot more confident with his choice if he knows he's on the right track.  

So there you have it!  5 ways to hopefully get you beau on the same page as you about THE ring.  Getting engaged is such an exciting time in one's life. We hope you found this post helpful, but most importantly fun!

Happy Holidays and an early congrats to all you girls getting engaged this season!

xoxo, Missy & Callie