My name is Melissa,

but you can call me, "Missy".

I'm a photography graduate from Seattle, WA and officially opened the doors to my small business in 2012.  Photography isn't a career for me it, it's a lifestyle.  Everywhere I go I'm always looking at my surrounding wondering if I've just found my new favorite shooting location.  My husband can vouch for this...I drive him crazy with my frequent stopping or veering off our path to check things out for a possible shoot. But he's a trooper and knows it's my passion, so he puts up with it.  (Thank you, babe! xo)

I picked up my first manual SLR film camera 18 years ago and have dabbled in all types of portrait and event/wedding photography,but over time I realized my absolute favorite thing to do is create beautiful portraits for families, couples, senoris, and strong women who have a story to tell.   I work hard to make sure your portraits not only bring you joy because of how amazing you look and feel in them, but because you know you will treasure them as family heirloom pieces for all time.  Many of my portrait clients believe that they aren't photogenic and even admit that they hate having your photo taken.  I promise you that my photo shoots are easy and fun and an experience that you will never forget.  

I have also recently found a love for helping brands and businesses create stunning images that highlight what they do best.  I consider my branding photo shoots to be something that is far beyond a standard headshot because now-a-days businesses need to be able to also show their audience what they are about and what their experience is like when working with them.  I'm more excited than ever to work with entrepreneurs by crafting a cohesive collection of imagery that will represent their brand.


Photo credit: Christina Hyatt Photography

Photo credit: Christina Hyatt Photography

A  few more random things about me...

  • I was tomboy growing up and asked my friends and family to call me "Scotty"
  • I played softball competitively for 20 yrs as an infielder and won state titles with both women's and coed teams
  • Coffee is my drug of choice.  (I know, very Seattle-lite of me.)
  • I'm a yearly beach vacationer; The island of Kauai and Cannon Beach, OR being my faves.  If on Kauai make sure you check out Ha Coffee Bar and if you go to Cannon Beach stop by Sleepy Monk!
  •  I. Heart. Wine.  (Specifically Rombauer Chardonnay)
  • I have a sweet tooth and must have dessert every night..something with chocolate, please!
  •  I'm married to the sweetest man, Jimmy, and we are in the process of figuring out the first-time parenting thing with our son, Kai, who was born in Oct 2017 - parenting tips gladly accepted!
  •  I have the cutest fur baby, Suki (Instagram #Sukithelharkie) - she is the Missy Palacol Photography CEO (Canine Executive Office).


I can't wait to meet and get to know you!