Caramel Apple Pie Martini Recipe

It's Friday and it's Veterans Day here in the U.S. of A so I encourage all of us Americans to give 3 cheers for our Veterans and I just so happen to have the perfect all-American drink recipe for you to do it with!  

But first and foremost, I want to remind us all what Veteran's day even means.  By definition, it's the annual anniversary of the signing of the armistice, which ended the World War I hostilities between the Allied nations and Germany in 1918.  On this day, Veterans, are thanked for their services to the US.  For me, it's a day to give thanks and honor those who sacrificed their lives to give us our freedom.  I saw a Facebook post this morning by a friend that thanked our troops and also made note that they deserve more than just a day to be honored and I couldn't agree more.  I think we've all taken our freedom for granted at one point or another so I have decided that from this day forward if I come across anyone in uniform I'll be sure to say, "thanks" as I think it's the least I could do.

With that said, onward with the all-American drink recipe I have for you that will make your taste buds cheer for our Veterans!

I know we are all a little obsessed with pumpkins and squash right now with Thanksgiving right around the corner, but Fall in the Pacific Northwest also screams apple season.  -My personal favorite being Honeycrisp apples! Sweet and crisp like its name, my mouth waters thinking about them.  And put those in an apple pie…omg…yummmmm!

I recently collaborated on a beautiful fall tablescape shoot with Holcomb Weddings & Events, Nightside Distillery, and Paisley Petals to bring to you this super delicious Caramel Apple Pie Martini recipe, which is a slight twist to Nightside Distillery's very own Apple Pie Martini.  Nightside Distillery's Apple Pie Moonshine is mildly sweet and super smooth and made with is made with Washington State apples.  I could actually pour this over some ice and just sip on it.  And of course, the tablescape and floral design work of Holcomb Weddings and Events and Paisley Petals for this fall inspired themed tablescape is spot on as usual.  If you are like me and LOVE caramel, apples, pie, moonshine, and of course, our Vets, then this is a must try for you this Veterans Day weekend!


This recipe calls for:

  1. Nightside Distillery Apple Pie Moonshine
  2. Apple cider
  3. Haagen-Dazs Dulce de Leche Caramel ice cream
  4. Ground cinnamon
  5. Graham cracker crumbles
  6. Ice

Other equipment needed:

  • Martini shaker for mixing
  • Shot glass for measuring
  • Bowl for the graham cracker crumbles
  • Tablespoon for scooping the ice cream

*Recipe yields 1 cocktail

Recipe instructions:

Step 1:  Add 1/2 cup of ice to a martini shaker

Step 2: Add 1 part Nightside Distillery Apple Pie Moonshine and 2 parts apple cider

Step 3: Add 1 tablespoon sized scoop of Haagen-Daz Dulce de Lechi caramel ice cream

Step 4: Add the lid to the martini shaker and give it a good shake

Step 5: Take a tablespoon of ice cream and coat the rim of your glass

Step 6: Dip your glass rim side down into a blow of graham cracker crumbles

Step 7: Pour your drink contents from the martini shaker into your rimmed glass

Step 8: Sprinkle with some cinnamon and serve while the drink is still chilled 

Many thanks again to our Vets and those currently serving for our country!  I appreciate you giving your today for our tomorrow.


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