My process & process

My Philosophy & process


You shouldn't just have your picture taken, you should experience it.  After going through a not-so-seamless professional photography experience of my own where I wasn’t provided helpful tips on how to dress, why shooting at certain times and types of locations is better than others and assistance with determining an overall look and feel for my session, I realized that clients want an informative experience just as much as they want amazing photos.  I've created some key steps that I walk my clients through to ensure a smooth process and I do not offer anything less than that.  

I also want all of my clients to walk away with photos that can become heirloom pieces in their household.  I try to steer clear of the super trendy editing styles and keep my work clean, crisp, simple and classic.  




Once you're officially official and your date has been secured, I immediately start working with you on a vision board for your session and getting to know you and your photo goals more through a client questionnaire.  It's important to me to get to know you as much as I can before our session.  I want to feel like we are old friends that go way back so you are comfortable with me and my camera out of the gate.  These pieces also help me to make sure our session stays fun and moving along.  I know how stressful and chaotic coordinating your photo session can be so I'm hoping by creating this process it will help alleviate any recipe for disaster so we can focus on you looking your best, feeling your best and having a good time!



Once your session has taken place, I cull through all of the photos and only keep the best of the best.  I then provide you with a few sneak peeks within a couple days.  My turnaround process for your final set of digital images is 2-3 weeks depending on the time of year.  I deliver your photos through a secure online gallery that allows you to download the photos directly to your computer, create a favorites list and share the photos with your friends and family.  All digital images are sized for up to 8x12" prints.  I also offer professional print products aLa Carte.