Ford Family Newborn Session, Auburn, WA


What a fun and special shoot this was.  I met the Ford Fam Bam through my hubby, Jimmy.  Jason and Jimmy played softball together over the years while I've had the privilege of sharing a seat in the stands with Jason's wife, Jemi, and their cutie pie, Mila (age 4).  Since we usually only see each other at a softball field, it was so nice to be invited into their new home and get peek into their non-softball lives.

Upon arrival, I was greeted by Mila who gave me the tour of her new home before the session began…and let me tell you, it was the most hilarious home tour I've ever been on.  Mila showed me every room and in every room she insisted on me taking her picture so we could make sure my camera was working and that the light was just right.  The things kids come up with!  She also gave me a tour of her play room where I met her dolls and when I wasn't looking she made sure to tell her dolls to be on their best behavior for pics. Lol!  The things kids come up with and their imaginations!

After the grand tour was complete, I got to meet the star of the shoot, Baby Elle, who was just 7 days new!  Elle was so precious that day with her big ole blue eyes just like her Mama, who looks fabulous for just giving birth, btw.  Seeing tiny Elle made me miss my little guy being a newborn and made me realize for the first time how fast kids grow!

My goal for this shoot was to not only capture some traditional first family of four portraits, but to capture the candidness and personalities of their family.  Lucky for me, personality was not lacking and at one point while getting ready we all shared a laugh when Jason was trying to remove Mila's nail chipped polish with rubbing alcohol instead of nail polish remover.  To his defense, the bottles did look similar, but none-the-less, I love that dad was trying to step it up and help out with such a girly thing.  I'm sure this wasn't his first try and will definitely not be his last now that he is a daddy of two little girls.

I hope this sweet session makes you smile as much as it made me.



Missy Connell