Engaged | Sydney & Scott

Sydney & Scott | An Engagement Story in Woodinville, WA at the Woodinville Lavender Farm

From the moment Sydney emailed me I knew she and I were a client-photographer match made in heaven.  She said she was envisioning a lavender farm location and I had literally just started a Pinterest Board with the vision of a lavender farm setting that day!

As our excitement grew over the fact that we were already on the same page and we got to know each other a bit more, I found out that this beautiful, yet extremely goofy, couple's love story started in high school.  It was 2004.  She was a sophomore and he a senior.  They spent 8-years in a "Ross and Rachel" relationship, until July of 2012 when they realized that some people have to search their whole lives to find what they have found in each other and decided to give it a real shot.

Fast forward to February 2016.  The two headed to Maui for a 10 day vacation planned around Scott's birthday, the couple's first date anniversary and of course Valentine's day.  All of these milestones fall within the same week so they have made it a tradition over the years to travel somewhere fun to celebrate.  (LUCKY!)  When they set off on the trip, Sydney, like any other girl in her shoes, was crossing her finger's he'd propose during the trip…

It was the first night of the trip and they were having such a great night dining with friends. Suddenly, Scott suggested they get dessert alone and naturally Sydney started freaking out. (As would any girl!!)  Sadly, the night came and went and there was no ring, so she gave up and decided that she was likely getting anxious over a proposal that wasn't going to happen this time around.  [Side note: She was convinced last summer he was going to propose on their Mexico trip they had planned for that September and since the proposal didn't happen that trip either she didn't want to go the entire trip AGAIN thinking it was going to happen.] (-Umm…How many of us have had this happen too? I can definitely raise my hand on more than one occasion. LOL!)  

The next morning came. They woke up early and like always, Scott needed coffee ASAP, so the two walked down to the lobby espresso stand. Unfortunately, it was closed so he suggested they watch the sun come up on the beach until it opened. It was still dark out, but it was a gorgeous and serene morning on the beach just sitting there by themselves taking it all in.  As the sun was coming up, they started taking pictures and Snapchats of the sunrise. Just as Sydney turned to show Scott a picture she had just taken, he was on his knee holding the ring up to and casually says, "You wanna do this or what? Will you marry me?" with the biggest smile on his face.  (FINALLY! YAY!!)

Albeit Scott appears a little shy at first, once you get to know him is he is this funny and super playful guy with a huge heart.  He's figured out a way to make Sydney laugh Every. Single. Day. since they reunited in 2012. So, the way he popped the question was so him and Sydney has said she will never forget it.   Scott's personality compliments Sydney's uber caring, supportive, compassionate, yet spazzy character. She's someone that will truly put other's first, but when she needs to get Scott's attention she isn't afraid to jump in front of the TV and start dancing.  Not to mention she is gorgeous so who wouldn't stop watching TV to hear what she has to say?!

I think it's fair to say that Sydney and Scott have always known they were "the one" for each other and now the happy couple has another date in February to add to their celebratory list! They are shooting for a small intimate elopement style wedding and are taking their time to decide what their dream location will be.   Until then, they are enjoying this summer hiking, camping, BBQing with friends, and going out for breakfast at their favorite spot, Portage Bay Café when they can.  I can't wait to see what these two dream up - I just have a feeling it won't be anything shy of amazing!

Congratulations again to Sydney & Scott!  I'm still on a high from our session one year ago to this very day and feeling so lucky to have captured this exciting time in your lives!

(Special thanks to Tom, at Woodinville Lavender, for welcoming us to your farm for our session and thank you, to my awesome assistant, Hayden, for helping to make this session so beautiful!)

Missy Connell